Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Using mzCloud if your computer does not run Microsoft Windows is a mass spectral database that assists analysts in identifying compounds in fields such as metabolomics, toxicology and environmental sciences. It has a rich Web-based interface, which is based on Microsoft Silverlight.
For the majority of users on Windows the required  SIlverlight plugin is only a click away, but for Mac and Linux Microsoft points to the Open Source Mono plugin, which is deprecated and may or may not be fully compatible to work with mzCloud.

I recently solved a similar problem at home, where the consumption of Amazon Prime video streaming has very strict preconditions with regard to your operating system, which were not met by our home theatre PC under Ubuntu Linux, despite strong demands by some family members.

So check out the documentation around Pipelight, and /index.php/2013/12/pipelight-silverlight-in-linux-ubuntu-ppa/ . In essence, Pipelight executes the Silverlight runtime under the wine emulator inside a Firefox plugin.

This sounds scary, but it not only allows to watch Amazon videos, but also to connect to mzCloud and start the web GUI.

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